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Agency Arrangements

When you are trying to expand your distribution network, you should contact the agency arrangement company for support. This arrangement is nothing but, the agreement between the company and the agent, the agent will market and sell your product according to the mentioned terms and conditions.

We have a full flexibility to make the best arrangements when a business is looking for agents. We do our job in a right way, by advising you in respect of competition problems and successful ending of the agency agreement. Proper attention needs to confirm that the agency agreement is suited for your business.

Our team assists you in the process of appointing the agent or becoming the agent (both international and domestic agency agreements) and you are well protected from any disruption in the contractual relationship. Few key considerations in behalf of agency arrangements are:

  • Keep control of the customer relationship.
  • Agency Arrangements avoid competition considerations.
  • Agency Arrangements are very useful, if you like to retain control of the channel to market.
  • Commission paid on termination- When you terminate the agent by the principle, the commission has to be paid. It is quite costly and proper advice in respect of commission payments before terminating the arrangements.
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